Yup, Congress Want’s To Sensor The Internet With The Internet Blacklist Legislation

What country currently does something like that? Oh yeah, China! (and a couple others, you get the point though)  Here’s the deal folks, what is going on right now is there are a couple of bills that would give the Department of Justice the power to blacklist any website just because Hollywood is crying copyright infringement. It is called the Internet Blacklist Legislation. You know what this really boils down to right? Money!  Hollywood is paying millions of dollars for Congress men and women to be in office and they finally are deciding to cash in and cash in in a big way.  How ridiculous is that?

Honestly, here’s a scenario that could potentially get my little website shut down.  I play a clip from a movie to drive home a point, or emphasize something, like so many of us do, and Hollywood could cry to the Department of Justice and then they blacklist my site. That fast, that easy.  How many of you out there use clips of videos? How many of you use soundtracks maybe? All of us can be potentially screwed here.

We Have To Stop The Internet Blacklist Legislation

There are many things that we the people have to do. Remember our country is a “Republic”, emphasis on the public.  These Senators and Congressman that have fat cushy jobs and collect a retirement after 1 term of 4 years (while the military has to serve 20 just to get 50%) are there because of us, the PEOPLE.  We the people need to call our senators, call our congress men and women and tell them to oppose Protect-IP and SOPA, or we the people WILL NOT be VOTING for them again no matter what.

This is not some small bill that will just supposedly stop piracy, the pirates are not even going to get effected. Are you kidding me they are not even in our country. This is going to effect our country of the United States worse then these past 4 years of Obama being in office running up the national debt beyond recognition. Regardless of where you stand, democrat, republican, independent, we the people have to unite and stand up to these congress men and use our power.

We have power! We control their paychecks! We vote them in and we vote them out! Remember that! 

More Information About The Internet Blacklist Legislation

I only heard about this today on my favorite radio station, KFI AM 640, listening to Leo The Tech Guy. It fired me up. It made me mad. Share this information with everyone you know and don’t just sit on this folks, seriously do something. Don’t sit by idly and hope someone else will do something. We all have to do something.

Visit EFF at their website for a lot more information about what is going on and how you can make a difference. If everyone bands together we can stop this internet blacklist legislation in its tracks.

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Been A While

Where Have I Been?

Man, I tell ya it has been 6 days but felt like eternity.  I am in finals week for college and it has been insane. One project due after another for my graphic design class and then business catching up on work. Learning our new backlink process and building up our own linking structure.  Sheesh, I am looking forward to Friday because then I have about 3 weeks off and I can sit back relax and enjoy the family, get a nice long nights sleep (6 hours probably).

Men’s Discipleship in Redlands Tonight

Well, tonight I did get a chance to go to the men’s d in Redlands CA for our church.  I gotta tell ya, there is nothing more rewarding than being in a place where there are hundreds of men who have the same purpose in life, Serve God!  Pastor preached on covetous and money and helped me really understand more about what the love of money can do to folks.  Good folks, poor folks, rich folks, bad folks, it don’t matter because the love of money can really screw a person up.

Don’t misunderstand me like most folks misunderstand this statement in the Bible. There is nothing wrong with money, it is needed in society today to purchase goods and services. I mean heck it pays my internet bill so i can write this post right. What the pastor was getting at is that the love of money if your not careful can ruin your life, it can make you covetous, it can cause you to make poor financial decisions.

For example, do you really need to purchase a new car if you have only 3 payments left on your current car? Or, did you “have” to purchase it because your neighbors all just got new cars? Do you need to have starbucks everyday? Do you need to have that big gulp everyday?  Do you have to buy that 5,000,000 house, knowing that you can not ever afford the payment?  I think folks just need to check themselves and check their wallets. I mean, heck if you can AFFORD to buy a 5,000,000 house then by all means do so. I have a big mansion on my dream board, but I won’t buy it until I can afford it, I won’t buy it until the payment is 20% of my income. So I need to be making a lot of money. But when I do, what’s to stop me. Covetous folks buy it before they can afford it, then make up excuses as to why they did it.  Don’t be covetous folks, be smart with the money you earn. After all you work hard for it.

Wanna Make Some Money From Home?

If you would like to check something out that is going to make you instant commissions directly into your bank account, click one of the banners on the site, watch the video and then call me, or just sign up ;) whichever you choose is fine with me.

I have been working online for about 5 years now, and I have made some money. Not “Guru” money but I make money here and there and it’s been fun and it’s been a real freaking battle. But never have I made money directly into my bank account, that is until my buddy told me to check out Empower Network.

I seriously told him no the first couple of times because I thought he was full of it.  Then, i watched the video signed up and signed someone else up the next day and saw the money go into my account and I took my foot and shoved it in my mouth, lol.

It works, it’s real, it’s just cool! Check it out

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What Are Pingbacks?

Pingbacks by definition are one of three types of linkbacks, methods for Web authors to request notification when somebody links to one of their documents. This enables authors to keep track of who is linking to, or referring to their articles.  In a nutshell, a  pingback is a type of backlink, but one that does more than just sit there and give a little bit of link juice.

pingbacks seo imageWith pingbacks you end up getting some serious targeted traffic because what you do is link to a site that is within your niche that is higher ranking than you and what in turn they will do is link back to you.  You see, the blog automatically will notify the owner of that blog that you have linked to them.  Then for the most part people will link back.  Always link to sites that have high volume and are authority sites, it just makes you look better.  Another good thing is just by being linked to a respected site in your niche you have authority.  People will pay more attention to your site and what you have to say automatically.

How Do You Get Pingbacks?

1. Find a good post on a WordPress blog on the same similar topic to yours. Pick a site that has a high ranking of course.

2. Add a link to that site on your blog

3. WordPress will automatically fire off a pingback request (if everything is working correctly), and you’ll get a backlink on their blog.

4. Rinse and Repeat.

Yeah I know, too simple George.  That is so boring George.  Sheesh George do I really have to do that every day, that is so tedious.  Well, get enough pingbacks linking your blog posts and you’ll be driving enough high quality traffic your way to increase your bank accounts.

Can Pingbacks Help Me Make Money With My Website?

How would you feel about getting $1000 just for flipping one website?

It is possible… but if you want that kind of money, you need to give them a bit more firepower.

One guy who’s managed to give his websites a boost is Tony Hayes. He regularly makes $3000 every month from website-flipping… and that’s not bad given he only spends a few hours every week working!

His websites command such a high price because he arms them with a secret weapon… a special plugin he developed that lets them promote themselves…

And now he’s teamed up with Andy Fletcher to make it available to everyone.

Digi Auto Links -

- Completely automates backlink building using the WordPress pingback system
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You’ll be able to give your clients a website

Digi Auto Links is on sale right now, so grab it while it’s cheap -


Make sure you read about how a personal disaster led Tony to come up with the pingbacks plugin in the first place, it’s a really inspiring story.

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Stock Photography Sites

The Good The Bad The Ugly Truth About Stock Photography Sites

In my time with working online and writing content, building websites I have had to deal with stock photography sites a lot.  I don’t take photos myself but after finding out the cost involved with these sites I really considered it many times.  So, the good the bad the ugly truth about stock photography sites.  First the good.

stock photography photoThe good thing about stock photography sites is that there are images for everything and anything you are looking for. You generally just have to put in what your looking for in the search box and hundreds of images will come up for you and then you have to spend time looking to find the one you want to buy.  That usually takes a while because you pay so much for the image you want to make sure you pick the right one. I Don’t Blame You on that! I spend a lot of time when I do searches.  A recommendation that I can give you for this is if your building a website for a client, ask them for images they have taken personally.  It will save you money and it also helps make sure you are putting things on a website that the client likes.  Sometimes I will take my own photos if I have to, like on my iphone 4s post (by the way that photo I didn’t even notice that protective shield was still on, that is why the image is blurry).

The Bad About Stock Photography

If you have not figured it out by now, the price is the bad part about stock photography.  There are many well known sites out there for stock photography. Some are, http://www.shutterstock.com,




http://www.bigstockphoto.com/, and the most UNLIKED SITE OF ALL http://www.gettyimages.com/.

I say getty images is the most unliked site of all because they are very well known for extorting people for money.  They send out extortion letters to people who have an image of theirs on their websites. They will never give you a cease and desist letter, they automatically assume your guilt and send you a bill.  Many innocent people have fallen for this online bullying tactic of theirs and lost lots of money.  You can read more about getty images extortion letters on Matthew Chans website.

Back to the pricing of stock photography. It really all depends on what website you go to that will determine how much you are going to pay for a photo. I suggest you look around the different sites first before you make a purchase, compare the plans and make a very educated decision.  Although, there is one site that I will HIGHLY recommend at the end of this post. It will save you tons of money.

The Ugly Truth About Stock Photography

stock photography site like eagle photoYou have to understand that some stock photography websites are like eagles watching for new prey.  Once they get their claws in you they won’t let go.  Honestly, the photographers that submit stock photography for us to use do great work and they should be compensated for that. It is the company they go with to sell their images that get real shady with everything.  Especially the licensing, be sure to READ THE LICENSE agreement before you make any purchase.  Getty images for example wants to charge you hundreds of dollars for 1 image to be used on a website and for a certain amount of years too. It gets stupid with some of these stock photography websites how they try to gouge you for money.  Be very very careful before you buy anything online.

Also, be careful about searching for royalty free stock photography images online.  It is hard to find free stock photography images online any more.  Why? Because of what companies like getty images like to do is go around and buy these little websites out and then they scan the internet for all those images they just purchased right too and then send their extortion letters. I can’t say that they are the only stock photography site that does this but for sure be very careful.  If all else fails, take your own photos.

My Stock Photography Website Recommendation

I have found a wonderful site for everyone to get very inexpensive images and they are great images too. Photodune is a fairly new stock photography website but they are by far the most inexpensive. You do not need any yearly contract with them, they do not try to screw you over for hundreds of dollars, and the guys that are providing images are very very good at what they do. Definitely check them out and buy some images. You get to pick the size of the image you want and you get the license with the download. Out of all the sites online for stock photography Photodune is by far the best one.

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More About The Iphone 4s

Using The Maps Function With The Iphone 4s

This is a continuation from my last post about the Iphone 4s. Last night a bunch of the men and young men from my church drove toiphone 4s mens rally photo Phoenix AZ for an area wide Mens’ Rally.  I got to use Siri very much the entire trip and I used the maps function a lot to find all the places that I wanted to go to.  First thing I wanted to let you know is that you are able to change the search engine that you use for searches.

Go to Settings, Safari, Search Engine and pick the one you would like to you out of Google, Yahoo or Bing.  I use Google because in my opinion they are the best.  Then you can go into safari manually and search for what you are looking for OR use the phones awesome SIRI and voice command your searches.  How do you do that?  Well, if you are like me the SIRI function was the first thing that I learned how to use on the Iphone 4s.  You can do it 2 ways.  First, press and hold down the home button and Siri will be promted and ask you how she can help. Second, you can just bring the phone up to your ear and SIRI will prompt automatically that way too.  So I would say something like, “search the web for restaurants nearby” and SIRI would look and say I found some number of restaurants near your location using Google places. When I just said “find restaurants, SIRI would pull information from Yelp reviews. That simple.

What You Need To Be Found On The Iphone 4s Search

So, here is what I have figured out with local searches using the Iphone 4s.  When you just do a search by saying, “find restaurants” reviews will get pulled up on a search from Yelp.  If you don’t know what Yelp is, it is an awesome place where everyone like you and me are able to put reviews about pretty much any and every place that we can go to.  I mean, just the other day I was sitting in Jiffy Lube and after the customer service was good and I was satisfied that the guys were doing a good job, I put up a review while sitting in the waiting room.  Reviews are seriously a big time thing now adays.  Everyone that has an Iphone 4s or smart phone can download an app for yelp or anything and put reviews up within a couple minutes.

Okay, got off on a little tangent there.  Anyway, you want to have your business listed in Yelp and when you get your business listed make sure you fill out everything they are asking for.  Then promote your yelp link, either on your website or make a QR code and put it in your business for folks to scan and put a review right there on the spot. Get as many good reviews as you can possibly get, because as of right now reviews are king. You need reviews, if I am going to a new business I never heard of before I will first be looking on my Iphone 4s to find reviews and if there are none you can bet that I am going to be a little bit skeptical at first.  And that goes for the masses out there nowadays. The times of just word of mouth are pretty much gone. So, get your business registered with Yelp and any other local directory that you can put your business information in.

Google Places And The Iphone 4s Search

When I searched the web for anything like restaurants or any place in particular it would ALWAYS pull up Google places listings of businesses that matched my search criteria. So, guess what you would have to do if your a local business owner?  Verify and complete your Google places listing.  The phone is very accurate with location based search and literally every single search that I did for something pulled up local businesses first over any thing else. It has to be a priority for you to get your business verified on Google Places and get your business information out to as many directories as you possibly can.  Like it or not, you will have to maintain the best customer service that you can possibly give because society today is very social and at the push of a button someone can put bad reviews about your business before they even leave your store.

That is pretty much everything I have for you on the Iphone 4s.  I spent a lot of time working with it for business and I spent a lot of time downloading apps of course and playing the Angry Birds ;) game. Absolutely great phone, if you don’t have it get it. If you have it take care of it. I just purchased the Otterbox case for it after reading about 50 reviews and I am looking forward to getting that thing on my Iphone 4s.

If you happen to be a business owner and need some more information about getting your business information in places and what to do visit my other site, Front Line SEO, and I explain in detail there what you need to do. You can also download a book that I put together for local businesses on how to go about claiming their Google places listings and doing everything correct. If I find anything else out with my Iphone 4s I will keep you posted.

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