Congress Is Fixin To Take Our Online Rights Away With Internet Blacklist Legislation

Yup, Congress Want’s To Sensor The Internet With The Internet Blacklist Legislation

What country currently does something like that? Oh yeah, China! (and a couple others, you get the point though)  Here’s the deal folks, what is going on right now is there are a couple of bills that would give the Department of Justice the power to blacklist any website just because Hollywood is crying copyright infringement. It is called the Internet Blacklist Legislation. You know what this really boils down to right? Money!  Hollywood is paying millions of dollars for Congress men and women to be in office and they finally are deciding to cash in and cash in in a big way.  How ridiculous is that?

Honestly, here’s a scenario that could potentially get my little website shut down.  I play a clip from a movie to drive home a point, or emphasize something, like so many of us do, and Hollywood could cry to the Department of Justice and then they blacklist my site. That fast, that easy.  How many of you out there use clips of videos? How many of you use soundtracks maybe? All of us can be potentially screwed here.

We Have To Stop The Internet Blacklist Legislation

There are many things that we the people have to do. Remember our country is a “Republic”, emphasis on the public.  These Senators and Congressman that have fat cushy jobs and collect a retirement after 1 term of 4 years (while the military has to serve 20 just to get 50%) are there because of us, the PEOPLE.  We the people need to call our senators, call our congress men and women and tell them to oppose Protect-IP and SOPA, or we the people WILL NOT be VOTING for them again no matter what.

This is not some small bill that will just supposedly stop piracy, the pirates are not even going to get effected. Are you kidding me they are not even in our country. This is going to effect our country of the United States worse then these past 4 years of Obama being in office running up the national debt beyond recognition. Regardless of where you stand, democrat, republican, independent, we the people have to unite and stand up to these congress men and use our power.

We have power! We control their paychecks! We vote them in and we vote them out! Remember that! 

More Information About The Internet Blacklist Legislation

I only heard about this today on my favorite radio station, KFI AM 640, listening to Leo The Tech Guy. It fired me up. It made me mad. Share this information with everyone you know and don’t just sit on this folks, seriously do something. Don’t sit by idly and hope someone else will do something. We all have to do something.

Visit EFF at their website for a lot more information about what is going on and how you can make a difference. If everyone bands together we can stop this internet blacklist legislation in its tracks.

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